Magnificent days for COMP

Magnificent days for COMP: good volumes of trading on the cryptopia, listing on CMC. An excellent reason to reflect on the fact that in today’s very difficult times for all altcoins, Comp is keeping good! Recently, we have seen a critical collapse and oblivion of many altсoins and an important role, in our opinion, was played […]

Some ideas on Mosaic

Some ideas on NEM Mosaic: 0.015 min xem transaction fee 100,000 xem 0.00003749 = 1 xem 29,992 (100,000 x 0.00003749 x 8,000 or 1BTC) = 3.749 BTC 6707452506 supply of COMP at the moment 100 000 000 000 overprojected COMP supply so 1,000,000 = 1 comp+/xem token or $80 to $0.30 (at the moment) with a […]