How to Make Money by Staking Compound Coin

Compound coin ($COMP) is a relatively new coin that appeared on the market after UKC coin had died.

All the people who had UKC coin found themselves stuck with a devaluated coin that they could neither sell nor get the money back for.

So, developers tried to find a way to help the community and came up with the idea of a compound coin.

Current holders of UKC coin could get the $COMP coin in a one to one ratio swap.

Compound coin is Proof-of-Stake cryptocurrency that rewards holders by staking the coin and making their assets grow bigger.

The coin grows exponentially because your both capital and staked coin will stake again as time passes.

The coin has a great potential; it passively generates income when you stake it.

This coin is currently paying 250% per annum and 0.6% per day until block 50,000.

Currently we are around block 26,200. However, once it will move to 50,000-100,000 block then it will give return of 500% per annum and 1.37% per day.

After block 100,000 it moves back to 250% per annum to get a handle on hyperinflation and to combat high POS Inflation Control.

It also serves as an incentive for current and future investors.

In order to make money from the coin, you need to buy it (the links to the exchanges that are selling the coin are provided below).

You can also get some free coins every hour on $COMP Faucet and after you get 50 coins you can claim them to your wallet and start staking them.

The main process of making money from the coin includes buying it and staking it in your wallet, which you need to download. Staking means holding your coins in your wallet and getting rewards on them, the process is similar to receiving dividends.

After you transfer $COMP from the exchange to the wallet, it needs to remain in your wallet for 24 hours to mature so you can start receiving rewards.

The 24-hour maturity period does not allow you to trade your coins, but it allows for an advancement of coin’s network by making it less available for sale and not constantly trading.

This advancement may make its price to potentially increase in the future.

Furthermore, you do not need to have a huge lump sum of coins to receive the most benefits. Having the larger input will not result in a more frequent staking process.

For a compound coin, when you split the inputs, you have benefit of the heavier weight of coins linked to these multiple inputs. Staking of a compound coin works better with smaller inputs.

Overall, the coin has a great potential, its price is low and exposure is high.

The community is passionate and the coin shows signs of potential organic growth.

The earlier you adopt it and start staking it, the more chances you have of making more money when the larger audience joins in.

Below you will find the links to the exchanges, $COMP Desktop Wallet as well as the official website and its official Twitter account.

It is also now live on