Quench your crypto thirst!

Technologies -second!

Community first!

Compound coin -community more than technologies!

History of creating Compound coin starting from UKCoin holders. UKCoin blockchain stuck so UKC was dead coin. Dev not responded. Than eight UKC holders from different countries get together to create a new coin  for swap UKC. So they created Compoun Coin – COMP! An all of UKC holders was able to exchange dead UKC to a working Compound Coin -COMP. That was 1:1 swap.

At curent time Compound coin listed at cryptopia, yobit, coinsmarkets, stockechange, tradeatoshi

All of cryptocurrencies has two factors:

  1. technological part (BTC, DASH, NEM, XMR)

  2. social part (that is all of COMP holders)

In case of BTC- technologies are on the first place and social factor is on the second. In case of COMP – first is the people, community- social factor.

We are creating new crypto  community! Several years later it was hard to imagine that differen people from diferent countries, different professions and fields of work can get together and create cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin was the first which united people on technological basement. Compound coin is one of the first cryptocurrencies which united people on the social factor basement. That is unique!

Compound coin has a faucet – to give everyone a possibility to test Compoun coin for free. That is most clean and ads free faucet in crypto world!

Compound coin changed our lifes!

Our Community: