Compound Coin Staking

How to Make Money by Staking Compound Coin Compound coin ($COMP) is a relatively new coin that appeared on the market after UKC coin had died. All the people who had UKC coin found themselves stuck with a devaluated coin that they could neither sell nor get the money back for. So, developers tried to […]

Videos about COMP

Not so long time ago, in October 2017 Compound Coin – COMP appeared in crypto currency world. So, how is the Compound Coin was created? What is so special for it? Here is the history. There was another coin – United Kingdom Coin (UK coin, UKC). It was traded on exchanges and staking in people […]

Specification of Compound Coin

Compound Coin is an experimental coin that reward holder by staking the coin and make your asset grow bigger. Compound Coin also emphasizes the importance of compounding the coin to make your asset grow exponentially. Compounding is where your coin grows exponentially because your both capital and staked coin will staked again as time passes. Coin […]