About planed airdrop

Difficult times for the whole cryptoworld, only the strongest and most patient will survive in this meat grinder. Price drop of a COMP and the incomprehensible behavior of a cryptopia have spoiled the mood of the last weeks, but let’s focus on the main thing – COMPOUND COIN works fine and our team has plans […]

Magnificent days for COMP

Magnificent days for COMP: good volumes of trading on the cryptopia, listing on CMC. An excellent reason to reflect on the fact that in today’s very difficult times for all altcoins, Comp is keeping good! Recently, we have seen a critical collapse and oblivion of many altсoins and an important role, in our opinion, was played […]

International BlockchainUA Conference

International BlockchainUA Conference to be held in Kiev on 14 September 2018 will attract more than 1,000+ attendees. The BlockchainUA conference aims to draw in a general crowd to inform participants, to build a strong community, and to boost the buzz around Ukraine at an international level. Our mission is to make the event accessible […]

Some ideas on Mosaic

Some ideas on NEM Mosaic: 0.015 min xem transaction fee 100,000 xem 0.00003749 = 1 xem 29,992 (100,000 x 0.00003749 x 8,000 or 1BTC) = 3.749 BTC 6707452506 supply of COMP at the moment 100 000 000 000 overprojected COMP supply so 1,000,000 = 1 comp+/xem token or $80 to $0.30 (at the moment) with a […]

About NEM blockchain

We continue to share the next portion of information. Let the news is not much but they are valuable to the community (in our opinion). So, our ideological group is now actively working on the economic model, if one can put it that way. The main idea is to point together two chains – COMP […]

Compound Coin Staking

How to Make Money by Staking Compound Coin Compound coin ($COMP) is a relatively new coin that appeared on the market after UKC coin had died. All the people who had UKC coin found themselves stuck with a devaluated coin that they could neither sell nor get the money back for. So, developers tried to […]

Videos about COMP

Not so long time ago, in October 2017 Compound Coin – COMP appeared in crypto currency world. So, how is the Compound Coin was created? What is so special for it? Here is the history. There was another coin – United Kingdom Coin (UK coin, UKC). It was traded on exchanges and staking in people […]